Mun Name: Allen
Journal: N/A
Contact Info: E-mail: AIM:fnwallcrawler
Other Characters: N/A

Name: Ron Stoppable
From: Kim Possible
Appearance: Here
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Who are they? What are they like? Give an in-depth look into the kind of character they are!
Backstory: Provide a detailed look into their past- where are they from, what are their motivations? If you don’t know or aren't completely sure, you can always provide some good ol’ fashion headcanon! You may use a wiki link, but you are required to write about the character's background and canon point.
Moral Standing: Are they good, evil, or neutral? Extra detail about their morality is always appreciated.
Dreams: What do they want, what are they aiming for? Tell us about their goals as much as you can!
Fears: What are their greatest fears? What are they afraid of?
Extra: Any other details you want to add or feel need to be mentioned that don't quite fit into the above categories?
Character Location: Most commonly, characters that arrive in Ink City will also bring a Character Location (Info HERE and HERE)! Let us know what the location is you wish for your character to bring into the City by telling us what it is, along with a picture or description of it. This section is optional and can be skipped if you do not wish to or feel you cannot have your character bring a location of their own.

Samples: Give a small example of their source material. If you are unable to find a suitable sample, you may skip this section
Writing Sample: Provide a small example of your writing with this character. Entries and threads from previous uses of this character are allowed, or you can write something new.



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